We are experts in physical and emotional care

Our professional team has the experience to offer quality service with all guarantees. These are our main team members:

Estefania Ordoñez - VIPet

Estefania Ordoñez

Veterinarian & Zootechnologist from CES University, an ethical and responsible veterinarian that will always take good care of your pets.

Juliana Calle - VIPet

Juliana Calle

Veterinarian & Zootechnologist from CES University with wide knowledge regarding animal behaviour. Over 12 years of experience in physical and mental therapy for animals.

Willinton Delgado - VIPet

Willinton Delgado

Veterinarian from Antioquia University, with over 10 years of experience, he has specialized in reproduction and neonatology.

Jhoana - VIPet

Jhojana Restrepo

Accounting and administrative assistant, responsible for our accounting and legal operation.

María Camila Sánchez - VIPet

María Camila Sánchez

Daycare assistant, responsible for keeping a clean and organized space for your pets.

Verónica Suárez - VIPet

Verónica Suárez

Veterinarian assistant that will always treat your pets with love.

Andrés Ruiz - VIPet

Andrés Ruiz

Professional stylist with over 10 years of experience, specialized in grooming.

Esteban David - VIPet

Esteban David

Professional stylist with over 5 years of experience taking care of animals with physical disabilities.

Clarivel Cardona-Centro Vipep

Clarivel Cardona 

Front desk manager, in charge of customer service.